Developers are Trying to Make Overwatch 2 New MMR Better


Blizzard’s wildly famous online hero shooter, Overwatch, was replaced by Overwatch 2, which debuted in October 2022. The original Overwatch servers were shut down just a few days prior to the new game’s launch. At first, Overwatch 2 received negative and positive reviews, with some reviewers claiming that the new game lacks some of the originality and charm of its predecessor. Since the beta, a frequent complaint about Overwatch 2 new MMR has been addressed by the creators.

Nevertheless, Overwatch 2’s 35 million registered users only a week after its debut prove the game’s popularity.Many players have been complaining about being paired with opponents of drastically different ability levels lately, which has made the situation particularly awful. Due to these problems, some members of the Overwatch community have been posting on social media the profiles of lower-ranked players in their matches and blaming them for losses despite skill-based matchmaking.

Overwatch 2 New MMR
Overwatch 2 New MMR

Aaron Keller, the lead Overwatch 2 game developer, has explicitly addressed this issue. Although many players continue to experience issues with the Overwatch 2 new MMR, he assured them that changes have been made and are being made to matchmaking. Players of drastically different ranks continue to be frustrated when matched up against one another or matched together in their games due to the current debate. With two fixes—the first of which was made available on February 27 and the second on February 28—the developers tried to fix this. While it’s possible that this won’t fully fix the issue, it should make Overwatch 2 new MMR much fairer than they were before.

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Overwatch 2 New MMR Adjusments are Dividing the Community

Higher-ranked players, usually Diamond or above, have been accused of screenshotting the usernames of lower-ranked players in their matches and posting derogatory remarks about them on social media as a result of the current controversy. For instance, silver-ranked teammates have been spotted by diamond players during their battles, which looks like a problem with the matchmaking algorithm. Even so, it would be unfair to hold lower-ranked players to a lesser standard simply because the game play might be more challenging for them than it is for higher-ranked players.

Several lower-ranked players have even gone so far as to express remorse for the matchmaking and promise that they are not trying to throw the game but rather make an honest effort. Others think it’s appropriate to express dissatisfaction about the low-ranked players in their games, but it’s inappropriate to include a picture of the player’s profile and username. After all, players expect to be matched up against other players of comparable skill levels when they wait for a competitive Overwatch battle.

Hopefully, the new Overwatch 2 MMR patch fix will include adjustments that please the rated player community. It appears that Blizzard is actively paying attention to the community and trying to make any necessary changes.

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