Everything There’s To Know About The New Elder Scrolls Mobile Game.


It’s a pleasant surprise all around

New Elder Scrolls Mobile Game
Picture: Google Play Bethesda

A new Elder Scrolls mobile game just dropped and we had no idea! There was no hype, no leaks, and no news till its release earlier today. And to everyone’s surprise, the game is for the mobile gaming fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise! We tried it out earlier today and it’s pretty much an Elder Scrolls version of Fallout Shelter. 

The game is currently available to download and play on the Google Play store if you have enabled the option to try out new games in early access. It’s free to download and play, and we recommend everyone to try it out before the listing goes online! However, if you reside outside the United States, you might need to use a VPN to gain access as the game is currently limited to the USA.

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What’s the new Elder Scrolls mobile game about?

The game is named Elder Scroll: Castle and it doesn’t even appear on the Google Play search. To access the game, you need to visit Bethesda’s main page on Google Play and check their game list.

The new Elder Scrolls mobile game is very similar to Fallout Shelter which allows you to design your base and collect resources to survive and thrive. Similarly, Elder Scrolls Castles puts the player in charge of their own castle allowing them to construct and manage the residence and its subjects.

New Elder Scrolls Mobile Game
Picture: Palmass Games

Players are able to train their residents, set new heirs to the throne, complete quests to gain resources, and fight off opposing armies that pose a threat to their kingdom. In addition to the basic simulations, the new Elder Scrolls mobile game allows the players to fully customize their castle. This means that you can add rooms, decorate, and build monuments to represent your kingdom!

As a ruler it’s your duty to ensure that your kingdom and its residents thrive, If they grow discontent over your rule, there is a chance of mutiny and possibly an assassination! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows here!

Will the new Elder Scrolls mobile game come to PC?

The game is still in its initial launch stage and Bethesda is yet to comment on how the game will develop in the future. However, we do believe that the game will get a complete release soon with a chance of a Steam port in the next year. It took two years for Fallout Shelter to get its PC port even through its massive popularity. 

New Elder Scrolls Mobile Game
Picture: Steam

However, with Elder Scrolls 6 still very early in development and Bethesda already releasing Starfield, chances are that this is the only game we are going to get for a long time. Unless Bethesda decides to surprise us once again that is!

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