How Many GB Is Warzone 2.0? All Game Consoles


Want to download Warzone 2, the brand new battle royale game of the Call of Duty franchise, but doubt whether you have enough storage space? Then sit tight because we’re here to answer your “How many GB is Warzone?” question.

how many gb is warzone
how many gb is warzone

Many players are looking forward to having fun in Warzone 2’s map, Al Mazrah, but they don’t know if they have enough space to download the game. The platform has a significant impact on the Warzone 2 download size. In this article, we will break down how much GB you need on all platforms to download Warzone. So let’s find out without wasting any more time!

How Many GB Is Warzone 2.0 on the PC?

The PC version of Warzone is the smallest of all platforms. This allows PC users to both save space on their computer for the game and download the game faster. The answer to the question “How many GB is CoD Warzone” actually differs a lot.

Here’s Warzone file sizes for PC:

  • PC (Steam): 22.6 GB
  • PC ( 23.6 GB

As you can see, Warzone 2.0 does not take up much space compared to most Call of Duty games. If we consider many of the other battle royale and multiplayer games on the internet right now, Warzone has a rather small and attractive file size. In addition, if you download the game from Steam, it takes 1 GB less space. We hope you got your answer for “how many GB is Warzone 2 PC”. 

Besides, we can say that Warzone 2 is already included in the game files of Modern Warfare 2. So if the updated version of Modern Warfare 2 is installed, it will be installed automatically in Warzone 2. Therefore, Modern Warfare 2 players do not need to install Warzone 2 extra.

How Many GB Is Warzone On PS5?

PS5 has the highest file size among Warzone 2.0 platforms. If you want to play Warzone on PS5, you need 83.6 GB of free space. This may seem like a lot, but since it’s the PS5, it’s not surprising. If you want to play Warzone on PS5, you may need to do some cleaning on your console.

This is because PS5 is the latest generation console, it has the best graphics quality, sound quality and settings. If you want to play Warzone in maximum quality, you should choose PS5. Since there is 667k GB of free space for games on PS5, the space occupied by Warzone may not bother you much. This actually answers “how much gigabytes is Warzone” for PS5.

how many gb is warzone 2
how many gb is warzone 2

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How Many GB Is Warzone PS4?

You can also play Warzone on PS4, a sub-model of PS5. It occupies less space compared to the PS5 as it contains less quality graphics and settings. You only need 55.7 GB of free space to play Warzone on PS4. Still, it is a fact that it is more than PC. If you have a powerful hard drive, you’ll have plenty of space for Warzone. We hope that our answer to your question “How many GB is Warzone 2 in PS4” was sufficient for you.

How Many GB Is Warzone 2 Xbox?

Finally, we will answer your question “how many GB is Warzone 2” for Xbox and its versions. You need 70.0 GB of free space to play Warzone on Xbox One and 62.0 GB to play on Xbox Series X|S. Compared to other platforms, we realize that Xbox requires neither too little nor too much space. So it’s the Xbox that takes up the most average space.

how many gb is warzone 2.0
how many gb is warzone 2.0

What is the Best Platform to Play Warzone 2?

Actually, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. If you are looking for the highest graphics quality, you can choose the PS5 console. But due to the high storage size, this option may not seem like the best for you. If you want the most average and space-saving platform, the PC will provide everything you want. Also, the graphics on PC are almost equal to next-gen consoles. That’s why we can say that the best platform to play Warzone 2 is PC and PS5.


Today, we answered the question of “how much gigabytes is Warzone” for you, according to all platforms where the game can be played. As a result, the lowest file size is on the PC, and the highest on the PS5 console. But on which platform do you want to play Warzone? We hope you have enough space for Warzone on your platform. Have fun already!

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