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The entire world is devastated as you begin the game in the deserted world of the Mojave Wasteland after the nuclear explosion. Those who decide to play New Vegas, an expansion for Fallout 3, in 2023 are definitely in the right place. We wanted to prepare a Fallout New Vegas beginner’s guide article. Because Fallout: New Vegas is a very old game, it is possible to improve the experience of the game with some tips.

Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide

You will witness a magnificent doomsday scenario, especially if you apply the details about the graphic modes and the progress of the game. If you want to survive in this post-apocalyptic universe, stick with our guide and enjoy the ride. Let’s begin.

1. Use Mods to Improve Graphics Quality

Before you start playing Fallout: New Vegas, the best advice we can give is to install quality graphics mods. We did some research on some quality mods. We strongly recommend installing these mods, especially for those who want to increase the realism of the game.

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Here are the Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide Graphics Mods

Although this mod does not make a graphic update on its own, it increases the realism of the existing graphics in the game. This graphic mod for Fallout: New Vegas that has more than two million downloads, is one of the most popular mods.

  • FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting

Fallout: New Vegas beginners complain about the darkness in the game the most. Yes, despite the nuclear explosion, the sun is still overhead and illuminating the surroundings. Despite this, you have to play the game in a very dark way due to the image quality of the game. However, the lighting problem has been solved with the FNV Realistic mode. By the way, you will get a better experience if you install the “Interior Lighting Overhaul” mode that supports the interior lighting of the buildings.

Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide
Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide mod
  • Enhanced Blood Textures

Creatures, radical gangs, and many more that want to kill you roam Fallout: New Vegas. Unfortunately, you won’t have the desired result if you attempt to kill them. Because it is difficult to see crucial details, such as blood, due to the poor image quality. To resolve this blood issue, you must install the Enhanced Blood Textures mod.

2. Beware of Ability Usage

If you installed the mods before starting the game, now is the time to focus on character development. In Fallout: New Vegas, players have important abilities in their characters that they can manage. For example, the Lockpick skill is a feature that allows you to unlock doors in the game. Hacking computers with the Science skill is also vital. No matter what, when your character levels up, try to focus on these two skills. Because there are many computers that need to be hacked and doors that need to be unlocked in the game.

Other important skills are Speech and Barter. Surviving the murderous atmosphere of Fallout: New Vegas is all about getting along with NPCs. Because you may have to bargain to get cheaper items or higher loot while getting quest rewards. It is very important to increase your speaking skill at this point in order to align it with the NPCs’ perspective.

3. Don’t Rush to Finish the Game

While preparing the Fallout New Vegas beginner’s guide article, I was quite excited to play the game once again. Because it is very difficult to find this magnificent atmosphere in today’s games. If you are a beginner player, then do not rush to finish the game; an adventurous road awaits you. Enjoy all this apocalyptic atmosphere as much as you can and travel to New Vegas, trying to do everything possible in the game. Fallout: New Vegas offers a total of 20 to 50 hours of gameplay for really fast gamers. However, we recommend doing side quests and other activities, especially for beginners.

4. What You Wear Can Affect Your Gameplay

We would like to talk about a game mechanic that you will hardly see in the video game industry. Fallout: New Vegas has lots of armor and outfits for players to use. For example, to pass through an area where a radical group lives, wearing appropriate clothing will allow you to travel smoothly. On the other hand, you will have a very big issue if you wear the armor of an enemy group and that enemy group confronts you.

Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide group
Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide group

5. NPC Behavior is Influenced by Decisions

You did hear that right. In Fallout: New Vegas, all of the choices that you make affect how the story unfolds. For example, the NPCs’ behavior is directly affected by the decisions that you make. The best advice we can give to people who read the Fallout New Vegas beginner guide is to play the game and experience it for themselves. You can either create a conscience-driven character or a really bad one. Those NPCs might hate and want to kill you. You must pay close attention to each step you take in the game if you want to adapt to this dynamic gameplay mechanic.

6. Improving Equipment Is Critical

Predatory creatures and gangs will be waiting for you on this journey to New Vegas. If you want to fight them, you have to strengthen our equipment. The characters in the game have a certain strength and weight that they can carry. So you can’t carry everything in your inventory comfortably. That’s why it’s important to carry only the things you need on your character. Likewise, check the condition of the armor and weapons you are wearing frequently. A nearly destroyed weapon cannot provide you with protection.

Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide armor
Fallout New Vegas Beginner Guide armor

7. Focus on a Single Combat Skill

While preparing the Fallout New Vegas beginner guide article, we realized the complexity of using skill points at the beginning and after the game. Here, we can recommend that beginners improve a single combat skill until they learn the game. As your experience in the game increases, you can make the necessary adjustments by using the skill reset mods. However, until then, it’s always better to master a single skill.

8. Nothing but Death in the North!

If you’re a gamer reading the Fallout New Vegas beginner guide, don’t go north no matter what. From the moment we start the game, many NPCs mention that the road to New Vegas is too dangerous. If you get curious and decide to go from the north to New Vegas, the results will be very annoying. Because the monsters in that area are incredibly strong and you will probably die many times over. Proceed slowly by following the side quests to stay alive; otherwise, you will encounter nothing but unnecessary deaths that will annoy you.

9. Explore the Map and Create Teleports

There are a lot of different places to explore in the new map of Fallout: New Vegas, that is the Mojave Wasteland. Huge buildings, caves, and camps are full of different elements for you to explore. New NPCs, new quests, and new locations also allow you to create teleports. The more locations that are added to the Wasteland map, the more locations it is possible to reach via fast travel. Especially considering the size of the map, fast travel really affects the experience gained from the game.

10. Use “Special” Scores Wisely

We are finally at the end of our Fallout New Vegas beginners guide. To end our beginner guide, we want to mention a point that most players don’t look out for when creating their characters. When you are creating your character at the beginning of the game, there are statistics that spell out the word “Special.” The statistics that you can see are Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Lucky. The best advice we would like to give now is to keep your strength and intelligence scores at an adequate level. Because everyone who has just started the game will want to loot every item in New Vegas.

Unfortunately, if the strength of your character is limited, they cannot carry more weight. Likewise, intelligence is also very important. In some cases, you might even have problems while communicating with NPCs if the characters are of low intelligence. Considering all these, pay attention to the strength and intelligence scores as much as possible. Good luck surviving the Mojave Wasteland 🙂

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