7 Amazing Games Like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile for Android and iOS


From FPS shooters to intense battle royales, here are the perfect games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile for your gaming thrill on the go.

games like call of duty warzone mobile

Usher in a new era for FPS Battle Royale mobile gaming with Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Set in the iconic Verdansk, the game provides battle royale experience with weapons, locations, and battles similar to games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

The game will put 120+ players on a single map where they will battle their way to the top. In the game, players will fight against dozens of opponents to win large sums of money. They will use a range of iconic weapons that they can combine with other elements to build a weapons arsenal.

In multiplayer mode, players will team up with others from around the world to try and prove themselves while escaping from challenging situations.

Sounds interesting? Sadly, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is set to be released in spring 2024. However, we compiled a list of games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile that will keep you engaged as you wait for the release of CoD Warzone Mobile.

Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is a first-person shooter game available on Android and iOs where players face off against Tetracorp, an evil corporation. Players receive a call of duty to battle the evil corporation that’s seizing precious resources, and subjecting people to all manner of evil.

The game has a story mode with over 60 different missions. In each mission, players have to complete several objectives to proceed. Each character has access to different firearms from machine guns to missile launchers and sniper rifles. Similar to games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, as players progress, they get to unlock loads of new skills, weapons, and characters.

Modern Ops

Modern Ops

Modern Ops is a free multiplayer PvP shooter where players clash with each other in different missions. There are two teams that players can join – terrorists or anti-terrorists. Once you choose a team, you can face your opponent in different settings.

The objective of the game in every setting is to get a higher score than your enemies. In addition, you should also eliminate as many opponents as you can. The game controls are well adapted for smartphones and tablets plus it has great visuals and tons of different weapons for players to choose from.

Infinity Ops: Cyberpunk FPS

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a world with advanced weaponry and high-tech combat. Developed by Azur Interactive Games, the game allows players to showcase their expert gunner skills.

Similar to games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, the game’s 3D graphics are stunning, and players will truly appreciate the images of spaceships, advanced weaponry, and fighting effects. The controls are simple to use whether you want to move your character, change weapons, or reload. 

Besides the game’s exhilarating experience, players will obtain special rewards just for signing into the game every day. If players keep up their attendance for a week or month, they will receive more rewards.

Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

Another game like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile from Azur Interactive Games is Modern Strike Online. Like Infinity Ops, Modern Strike features dynamic battles, amazing graphics, and various combat modes. The game features PC-quality graphics which players will truly appreciate.

Besides the graphics, the game comes with 14 unique PvP maps. The maps have different landscapes designed to keep you playing for hours. Players can choose from 20+ characters, including Navy Seal, Northern Warrior, Undercover, and more. There are tons of weapons and equipment to help you defeat your rivals. To make the experience even better, players have access to lots of skins which they can use to make their weapons unique.

Combat Master

Combat Master

If you like games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile that feature fast-paced action-packed combat, then Combat Master is for you. As one of the fastest FPS games on mobile, Combat Master provides shooter gameplay with outstanding AAA graphics.

The game puts players in realistic environments where they test their aim. They can use weapons available in their arsenal to shoot their enemies. Players need to shoot more enemies than the rival team to win. To kill a greater number of weapons, you can change weapons or use items like grenades.

Similar to games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, the game has realistic graphics that add realism to the gameplay.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

In Modern Combat 5, players answer the call of duty and join a thrilling campaign where they shoot their way through different situations to save the world. Developed by Gameloft, players have access to high-powered guns and other weapons.

With the weapons, players can pull off even the craziest of shots to kill an enemy. By planning your assault, you can stomp the opponents in online FPS warfare. As players complete campaign missions or play pub matches, they will level up. By doing so, they will unlock better weapons and more rewards. Remember, there is no mercy in the battlefield.

Games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Ready for Battle?

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is a mobile battle royale game that delivers an exciting experience. However, there are plenty of games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile that offer equally thrilling gameplay.

Whether you prefer the casual gameplay of Cover Fire or the intense realism of Infinity Ops, there is a game in the list above that will suit your tastes. These games provide fast-paced action and battles that will surely satisfy your hunger for action-packed games like Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Android or iOS device and start downloading!

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