Who is Better: Itto or Kazuha? A Detailed Review 2023


Itto or Kazuha, two of Genshin Impact’s strongest 5-star characters, are undoubtedly the dreams of most players. Because it is quite difficult to have both characters. For example, a Kazuha rerun appeared in the summer of 2022. Likewise, Arataki Itto was made available to players at the summer festival last year.

In 2023, however, these two characters are not yet accessible. It is also unknown when the rerun will be made. However, when we take a look at some sensations and the traditional summer festival, both characters may have a rerun in July 2023. So, which one are you planning to buy when both characters are on sale again? Wondering which one is stronger? If you have questions like this in your mind, don’t worry, because in today’s article, we are focusing on the question of “Who is Better: Itto or Kazuha?”.

Kazuha Abilites

Anemo swordsman “Kazuha” is one of Genshin Impact’s most popular 5-star characters. He has become the sought-after support of the teams, especially since the day he appeared, with AoE damage and elemental reactions. One of his abilities, called Chihayaburu, creates a vacuum that draws enemies towards him while imbuing his sword with Anemo energy. His elemental burst, known as Kazuha Slash, unleashes a powerful series of sword strikes that deal Anemo damage and create a Swirl effect.

Itto or Kazuha

Kazuha’s passive talents are particularly valuable, as they boost his elemental mastery and energy recharge rate. This makes him an excellent support character who can trigger elemental reactions with ease. Additionally, he possesses a unique talent that enables him to reduce the stamina consumption of his teammates when sprinting and gliding. Overall, Kazuha is versatile and a valuable addition to any player’s team in Genshin Impact.

Itto Abilites

As a Geo Claymore master, Itto is one of Genshin Impact’s highest DPS-applying characters. Itto will be indispensable for you, especially if you really need a character in your team that deals high damage. Because his elemental skill, Oni-Link Mode, allows him to transform into a massive demon capable of dealing devastating area-of-effect damage. He can also create a shield that absorbs enemy attacks to protect himself and his allies. Itto’s Elemental Burst, Demonblade Hashin, unleashes a powerful attack that deals high damage to enemies in front of him and restores his health based on the amount of damage dealt.

Itto’s passive talents enhance his damage output and shield strength, making him a valuable asset to any team that needs a tank and a damage dealer. Additionally, he has a unique talent that allows him to consume food to boost his shield’s health. 

Is Itto or Kazuha stronger?

When building a team in Genshin Impact, it’s very important that every character is in harmony. For example, how successful can you be in the game with a damage-oriented team comps? Your team probably won’t be able to do much against powerful bosses. This is why character selection for your team must be strategic.

  • If we were to determine the top 3 DPS in Genshin Impact, Itto would probably be at the top of the list. However, powerful items like “Redhorn Stonethresher” will be required to increase the damage he inflicts. Naturally, this makes the Itto quite an expensive choice.
  • Itto is a formidable character in Genshin Impact who excels at dealing high damage and shielding his allies. He is a popular choice among players who enjoy playing aggressively and need a strong tank to absorb enemy attacks. However, due to his slow attack speed and limited mobility, he may struggle against fast-moving enemies with tricky dodge patterns. Despite this, Itto’s abilities and strengths make him a valuable addition to any team in the game.
  • On the other hand, Kazuha’s main strength is his versatility and crowd control abilities. He can easily trigger elemental reactions with his Anemo infusion and Swirl effect, making him an ideal choice for players who prefer a support role. However, Kazuha’s low base attack and lack of consistent damage output make him less effective as a main damage dealer. As you can see, Kazuha is a typical support character. He can work in harmony with almost all of his teammates in the game. Also, Kazuha’s only downside is that he’s a low-DPS character. Naturally, you can’t expect him to hit with as much DPS as Itto.


The decision to choose between Itto or Kazuha in Genshin Impact ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and your team’s composition. If you require a powerful tank that can deal massive damage while also shielding your teammates, Itto is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer a versatile support character that can trigger powerful elemental reactions and control the battlefield, Kazuha may be the better option. Weighing their strengths and weaknesses against your team’s needs is key to making the best choice for your gameplay experience.

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