How to Make A Throne in Minecraft


Minecraft is a brilliant place to turn your creativity and imagination into reality. Among millions of hundreds of thousands of possibilities is the ability to build the throne Minecraft, which can serve as a symbol of your castle or base.

In this article, we’ll look closer at the steps about how to make a throne in Minecraft, and some tips for the perfect design.

how to make a throne in minecraft

Building a throne in Minecraft will be a fun yet challenging project that allows you to create a seat for royalty. Please note that this design will involve some work to create a custom banner, so keep that in mind.

What is a Minecraft Throne

If you think about owning a castle, a Minecraft throne design will definitely be on your wishlist.

The throne is a type of furniture or seat in Minecraft. It can be used to beautify the castle or the base, as well as provide a place for you to sit and enjoy the surroundings. With some creativity and basic building skills, you can create an impressive, functional, beautiful, and valuable throne.

How to Make a Throne in Minecraft

Typically, a throne in Minecraft is built with a variety of materials. The designs also vary depending on your style and imagination. You can use the same resources for many designs or change the materials to decide which one is the best.

Collect Materials and Tools

There are workstations you need to make a throne in Minecraft.

  • Minecraft Crafting Table
  • Loom

The Minecraft Crafting Table is the block we use to craft materials. It’s made from four planks of any wood type. And you can use this table to prepare most materials to build the throne.

Loom is the item that adds patterns to the banner. The loom can be crafted using two Strings and two planks of any wood type.

how to make a throne in minecraft

To build the same throne as we show below, you need to gather the following materials:

  • 4x Deepslate Brick Stairs
  • 3x Polished Deepslate
  • 2x Cobbled Deepslate
  • 2x Cobbled Deepslate Slabs
  • 2x Deepslate Tile Slabs
  • 2x Deepslate Tile Walls
  • 2x Blast Furnaces
  • 2x Polished Blackstone Button
  • 2x Red Wool (or any color you like)
  • 1x Red Carpet (or any color you like)
  • 1x Tuff

To make the custom banner, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Orange Banner
  • 4x Red Dye
  • 2x Yellow Dye
  • 1x Flower Charge Pattern (will not be consumed)

If making a banner is too complicated for you, press “T” to open the chat in Minecraft and type in this command.

/give @p minecraft:orange_banner{BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Color:4,Pattern:”sc”},{Color:4,Pattern:”bo”},{Color:14,Pattern:”cbo”},{Color:14,Pattern:”bts”},{Color:14,Pattern:”tts”},{Color:14,Pattern:”flo”}]}}

Build the Throne

When all materials are ready, it’s time to make a legacy!

Start by placing a Deep Slate Tile Slab next to a Tuff block, then add Two Blast Furnaces on two sides of the Tuff block.

how to make a throne in minecraft

The Blast Furnace is a brilliant decoration and a helpful block. Besides sitting and enjoying the view, you can also smelt down armor or any items without getting your foot out off the throne.

Keep building the bottom of the throne by placing two upside-down Deep Slate Stairs next to the Blast Furnaces and two Cobbled Deepslate Blocks behind them.

how to make a throne in minecraft

The Polished Deepslate Blocks play a role as the body of the throne, so place three of them in the back. Consider making it higher than your height so you can lie down as comfortably as possible.

how to make a throne in minecraft

Then, place a Carpet on top of the Tuff block. Two Wool Blocks are integrated into the center of the throne body. Not to mention that the color of the Wool Block and the Carpet color should match. We’d suggest the red color, as it’s the color of power and strength.

how to make a throne in minecraft

Let’s add two Cobbled Deepslate Slabs for the armrest on top of the Blast Furnaces.

how to make a throne in minecraft

Next, add two Deepslate Brick Stairs upside-down on top of the Polished Deepslates and add another Deepslate Tile Slab on top of the throne.

how to make a throne in minecraft

The chair’s high back is essential, making your build look like a throne. In addition, you can cover the bottom of the throne with Deepslate Walls to bring extra thickness and mobilization. And add Polished Blackstone Buttons to either side of the throne like below.

how to make a throne in minecraft

Last, add the Kingdom’s Banner to the seat of the throne.

how to make a throne in minecraft

And that’s how to build a throne in Minecraft!

Full Tutorial by Wroxtee

Creating a throne in Minecraft is a fun and rewarding project that can add a touch of royalty to your kingdom. With suitable materials and a bit of creativity, anyone can design a throne fit for a king or queen. So gather your resources, fire up your imagination, and make the perfect Minecraft throne to rule over your world in style.

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