10 Beautiful Minecraft Fountain Ideas


In Minecraft, fountains are great decorations well-known for their aesthetic appearance and the ability to contain water for other purposes. With so many variants and complexity, not many Minecrafters can smoothly build a fountain.

That’s why in this article, let’s go through our list of the best 10 Minecraft fountain ideas to pick your favorite one!

Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Those cool Minecraft ideas below showcase from basic to advanced fountains. Some can replicate a person’s statue or even an animal statue. Not only that, the creativity in those fountain ideas Minecraft goes beyond regular sense by replacing the water with lava, furthermore enhancing the view with vibrant lighting.

10 Best Minecraft Fountain Ideas

Most Minecraft water fountain ideas below use stone bricks and chiseled stone bricks as their base, so you should dig some stones first to get started. Additionally, two buckets of water and other materials are recommended as well.

1. Basic Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Starting off the list with a simple and basic Minecraft fountain. The design has 3 layers, allowing the water to naturally flow down from the top layer with only one bucket of water use. In the middle area, plant some double-tall flowers to bring the fountain to life.

Remember to fill the bottom layer with full water blocks. This way, you can create an infinite water source and use it for other purposes, such as farming. Then surround the fountain with coarse dirt, more flowers, and a fence made of leaves.

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2. Fairy Moon Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Created by Kelpie The Fox, this fairy cottagecore fountain brings a romantic feeling to the base, along with a nice illusion of the moon being held by the water. Pretty cool, right?

A combination of normal full blocks and stairs is needed to create a moon shape. Additionally, you can take advantage of the surrounding area and make a small farm around the fountain. Moreover, use BSL shaders, Mizuno’s 16 Craft texture pack, and Fresh Leaves for the best effect.

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3. Frog Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

If normal Minecraft fountain designs are too boring for you, try this frog fountain by BitGardener.

Not only has a great design, but this fountain also has an automatic system where it can turn on/off the water flow from the frog’s mouth, depending on the day or night. The materials are easy to obtain too! Stones and andesites can be found underground, while Blackstones spawn in the Nether and can be easily replaced with deepslates.

For the Redstone contraption, check out the video below!

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4. Modern Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Now, let’s observe a tall modern Minecraft fountain idea with four layers made from quartz and polished andesites!

To create a modern or futuristic shape, place the quartz stairs upside down on all four corners, then place some more slabs to extend the fountain edge. On the top, place one water bucket in the center block and let the water flow down like usual.

Remember to decorate the ground with cobblestones and stones when you’re done with the fountain. Then, place some water puddles on the ground for a more realistic effect.

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5. Statue Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Next on the list, we have another Minecraft fountain idea based on statues. This time, a person statue.

The design is aesthetically pleasing when looked at and is pretty easy to rebuild. You could have this lovely statue fountain with stones, gravel, and andesites inside your base without too much effort. Besides, remember to place couches and plant grasses nearby to enhance the overall scenery.

To bring it to the next level, place some mossy blocks at the statue’s vase and the bottom of the fountain.

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6. Heart Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Here comes one of the greatest water fountain ideas Minecraft! Not only it has a heart shape, which you can use to propose to your girlfriend, but the design also uses lava instead of water.

The red stained glasses, combined with the shader’s reflection and the use of quartz blocks, make the build even more vibrant at night. In addition, you could add some more red corals to the fountain to add some extra bloody elements to the build.

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7. Fountain with Statue

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Like Napoleon in his battle, this Minecraft fountain idea with a statue represents a man riding a horse with a victory pose. The mighty statue is located on top of the fountain, contributing to the fountain’s overall greatness.

The design also consists of three layers and a water flow down from the top. However, different from other cool fountain ideas Minecraft, it uses stone brick walls as a support to create a unique shape fountain.

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8. Big Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Go big or go home, and this Minecraft fountain idea proves that point perfectly by its size.

The design is flawlessly symmetrical and can be seen in an underwater temple. With lamp post pillars and complex usage of stone brick stairs, chiseled stone bricks, and stone brick walls, making this one of the most detailed builds ever in Minecraft.

At the bottom of the fountain, plant some seagrasses for a natural feeling. Alternatively, you can also use mossy stone bricks and randomly replace them with normal blocks to create an overgrown effect.

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9. Aqua Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

Here comes another simple yet expensive Minecraft fountain idea!

First, notice how Minecraft Fantasy Builds uses the beacon as the heart of the fountain. Not only can it provide the highest light level to prevent hostile mobs, but it also can provide several buffs to nearby players.

Then, a combination of cut copper and prismarine blocks is used to create the aquatic theme, attracting the wanderers with a distinctive cyan color. Moreover, remember to decorate the surrounding area with flowers, lily pads, and azalea leaves.

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10. Lava Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea

If you’re a fan of World of Warcraft or any RPG game, the forge with hot lava flowing down endless cliffs is unforgettable imagery!

By taking advantage of that, Spudetti made a small lava fountain that can attract any faithful Minecrafters, even the most grumpy ones. To maximize the fountain effect, try building it in the Nether or deep down in the cave. Here, you can easily obtain blackstone to make polished blackstone stairs or deepslate, which is another cool alternative to blackstone.

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And that’s the list of 10 best Minecraft fountain ideas. Let’s gather the materials and make the water flow!

What’s your favorite idea? Let us know in the comment below!

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