EU4 Cheat Engine: How to Cheat in Multiplayer?


With Europa Universalis 4, we go back to the beginning of the Renaissance. It can be really fun to play EU4 with your friends or groups of friends you just met. But even more fun is being able to stay one step ahead of your friends and make small cheats with the EU4 Cheat Engine. It will be very useful for you to cheat on gold, especially in a way that will not spoil the fun of the game.

EU4 Cheat Engine

The topic of today’s article is Cheat Engine cheats that will allow you to enjoy EU4 more. However, be careful while doing these tricks; otherwise, you might get caught.

Did you know that with EU4 Ironman cheats, you can get all achievements in the game by yourself?

What To Do For EU4 Cheat Engine Online Cheat

There is a program that you need to install on your computer before you start cheating in EU4 multiplayer. As you know, console commands and other cheat programs do not work while playing online in EU4. We will use the Cheat Engine, which is the best method as it causes the game to crash in running programs.

  • First, type “Cheat Engine” in Google and search for it. Then click on the first page that appears and continue.
  • Now, download the program to your computer by clicking the “Download Cheat Engine 7.5” button. Since this program has been used for years, you can trust it with peace of mind. Sometimes computers can detect programs like Windows Smartscreen as viruses. To prevent this, you can turn off the Smartscreen.

If you have finished installing the EU4 Cheat Engine, now we can look at exactly how you can do the cheat.

EU4 Cheat Engine: The Easiest Method to Cheat

Cheat Engine is a program that is generally used to cheat in all games. You will get more pleasure from EU4 with the Cheat Engine, where you can cheat by interfering with the coding of the game. If you’re ready now, let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can do the trick.

First of all, we assume that you are in an online multiplayer EU4 game. When the game is open, the first point you need to check will be your country’s treasure. You should hover over your gold amount in the upper left and check its numerical value. You can see it more clearly in the image below.

EU4 Easy Money Cheat

Now, I will cheat manually in a game I play online. As you can see in the picture, my country has “738.99” gold. Instead of using this gold value straight, we need to evaluate “738990” because that’s how it is in the coding structure of the game. In short, we add a zero to the end.

Now you need to open the Cheat Engine program and click on the computer icon in the upper left. Then the process list will appear. From here, you have to select EU4 and click the “Open” button.

EU4 Cheat Engine

Now you need to click on the section that says “Scan Type” and change the “Exact Value” option to “Value between..”. After making the change, you need to write your gold amounts instead of the “Value” option. However, you need to write “9” instead of “0” at the end of the second value. You can understand more clearly in the image below.

EU4 Cheat Engine

After clicking the “First Scan” button, many data and numbers will appear in the space on the left. From here, you need to go back to the game and spend some money to understand which data belongs to you. For example, build a random building in any city and reduce your money a little. We reduced our gold to 658 with a random building. If you switch back to Cheat Engine after this process, you will notice that the correct value is displayed in red.

EU4 Cheat Engine

As you can see, the value in red is yours. If you click on this address, it will automatically switch to the space below. Then click on the address you transferred to the section below and change the “Value” to whatever you want. However, be careful not to overdo the EU4 Cheat Engine gold cheat at this point.

EU4 Cheat Engine

Here, we added 1 to the beginning of the gold value and clicked the “OK” button. However, our gold value in the game was automatically 1658.

EU4 Cheat Engine

That’s it. However, some sync errors may occur in the game after performing the cheat. Probably the host will continue the game. However, we do not think that the EU4 Cheat Engine cheat will attract much attention from now on.


As you know, we have been preparing detailed guides for Paradox’s strategy games, especially Hoi4, for a long time. By the way, speaking of Hoi4, we prepared a guide about EU4 vs. HOi4 last week and compared the two games of Paradox; you can take a look if you want. Returning to our topic again, today we have explained how you can get ahead of your opponents in an online game with the EU4 cheat engine cheat. In the coming weeks, we will be here with many more different EU4 guides. Enjoyable games until now, see you in our next article.

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