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Battles, injuries, and deaths are commonplace events of Dwarf Fortress nature. You may have to fight to the death with a group raiding your colony. In these battles, some of your dwarves may be injured, dismembered, or even killed. However, if you have fully equipped Health Care, you are safe. This is exactly where you will need a Dwarf Fortress hospital.

Hospitals are essential to a colony of diverse doctors and working dwarves. In hospitals with beds, benches, and miscellaneous items, your dwarves can regain their former health. In particular, thanks to the surgeons you have appointed, you can overcome even the most difficult surgeries. So you don’t know exactly how to setup a hospital? Don’t worry, we will tell you all the details in our guide.

How to Setup Dwarf Fortress Hospital?

Although it is very easy to setup a hospital, it is very difficult to make the necessary doctor appointments. For this, you first need to select an area for the hospital and then appoint the doctor together with the items. If you are ready now, let’s take a look at the hospital setup stages.

First of all, you have to choose a large area for the Dwarf Fortress hospital and have that area dug up by the dwarves. As an example, we have chosen a very large area like the one below.

hospital area

Now, set this area you created as the “Meeting Area”. Then, you need to select “New Hospital” by clicking the “+” sign in this meeting area you created.


As you can see, you now have a Dwarf Fortress hospital area. Now you need to appoint a chief physician, more precisely, a “Chief medical dwarf” for this hospital. To do so, you must press the “N” key and open the “Nobles and Administrators” page and select one of your dwarves. At this point, it is very important to choose a dwarf who is an expert in medicine. However, if you’re new to the game, your colony probably won’t have a specialist doctor. Therefore, you can appoint a random one as the chief medical dwarf for now.

Dwarf Fortress Chief Medical Dwarf

After successfully completing the appointment, go back to the hospital area and click it and you will see a new button with the lens symbol. You can manage the doctors and items inside the hospital by clicking this button,

Hospital Inside

This was all for the hospital area selection and setup. Now, we will build a fully equipped Dwarf Fortress hospital with some items.

Dwarf Fortress Hospital: Items and Needs

When you click on the lens, you can access the fine details of the hospital you have created. As you can see in the picture below, you need many items such as beds, tables, chests, cloths, buckets and traction benches.

Dwarf Fortress Hospital Chest

We have explained the construction of all these items in a simple way down below:

  1. To make it more simple, first determine an average number of beds equivalent to the number of dwarfs in your colony. Since 20 people live in our colony, we first crafted 8 beds. For this, create work orders at the Carpenter’s Workshop.
Carpenter Make Bed
  1. Then, craft 8 tables at the Carpenter’s Workshop and place them next to the beds. Additionally, you need two or three chests to store items such as cloth, thread, and splints. You can also produce them quickly at the Workshop.
carpenter's workshop work orders
  1. Finally, you need to craft Traction Benches. To craft them, you need a Mechanic Workshop. You can build a Mechanic Workshop from the “Workshop” page by pressing the “B” key.
Dwarf Fortress Mechanic Workshop
  1. Once the Mechanic Workshop is built, you can craft Traction Benchs. However, for Traction Bench crafting, it is necessary to craft “Rock Mechanism“.
Traction Bench Dwarf Fortress

You have crafted all the items you will place inside the hospital. Your dwarves will automatically place other items such as thread, cloth, splints and powder inside the chests. If you have enough of these items in your warehouse, your dwarves will always supply the hospital’s needs. As a result, we have completed our fully equipped Dwarf Fortress hospital construction. You can see the latest version below.

Dwarf Fortress Hospital

Furthermore, it is beneficial to increase the number of medical equipment after the number of dwarfs in your colony increases. You can also see this by clicking on the hospital area again. While some items are plentiful in our colony, some medical equipment is unfortunately lacking.

Hospital Chest Control


We have successfully completed our Dwarf Fortress hospital guide. From now on, it is necessary to appoint doctors and employ experienced medical personnel in the hospital. At the beginning of our article, we appointed a random dwarf as medical chief. It’s actually quite wrong to do this. However, we did this because we do not have a specialist doctor for now.

To find experienced doctors, you need to take a detailed look at the caravans and adventurers that come to visit you. Likewise, there will be doctors who seek refuge with you or who want to emigrate. We hope you have specialists like surgeons, bone doctors, or diagnosticians in the early stages of the game.

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