Xbox Mastercard Is Ready To Roll Out.

xbox mastercard

Microsoft just announced the Xbox Mastercard and it’ll be available sooner than expected. According to the released statements, Microsoft has partnered with Barclays to make this possible. Holders of the new Xbox Mastercard will be able to redeem points on their games that they earn by making everyday purchases. As of now, users can earn points for every $1 they spend using the Xbox Mastercard on dining, streaming platforms, Microsoft stores, delivery services, and a handful more. However, the bad news is that the Xbox Mastercard is currently only available for Xbox Insiders starting from the 21st of September 2023. 

Microsoft is all about value! Whenever they introduce a new service or a feature, one of their main selling points is the extra value they provide when compared to their competitors. The Xbox Pass introduced by Microsoft allows its users to experience a rotating collection of AAA games without the need to individually pay for them. The Xbox Cloud Gaming service allows users to try out the latest games without the need for a high-end PC. The Xbox Mastercard is their latest venture, a credit card system designed by gamers for gamers.

What do we know about the Xbox Mastercard?

The Xbox Mastercard works similarly to a regular credit card. Microsoft has partnered up with Barclays US Consumer Bank, allowing the credit card to have no annual fee. Xbox Insiders within the US will be able to earn points for every $1 they spend using the card.

Even though the conversion rates for points aren’t exactly set in stone at the moment, we do know that the credit card offers special rates for certain purchases. All purchases made on the Microsoft Store using the credit card will get five times more points. Users will also get triple the points if they order from DoorDash and Grubhub and subscribe to Disney+ and Netflix using the Xbox Mastercard.

Any Perks?

After obtaining the Xbox Mastercard, the first purchase using the credit card will add 5000 points to your account which roughly translates to $50. If you are a new Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you will be gifted three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. 

xbox mastercard
Picture: Xbox

As of now, if you wish to be included in the first batch of cardholders, you need to sign up for the Xbox Insiders program. We do have news that a public rollout of the service will go out in 2024, but the months and dates aren’t certain. So if you are interested in the Xbox Mastercard and the perks it provides, your best bet is to attempt to join the first wave.

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