Stream Sniping Vulnerable Battlefield Streamer Angers Horrified Community


Stream sniping is not a foreign concept, but where do we draw the line? A Battlefield streamer is plagued for an entire year!

stream sniping

Stream sniping content creators and harassment is not a foreign concept within popular video games. Just like Minecraft, Battlefield too has its fair share of harassment claims and stream snipers that ruin the game for content creators. However, extended periods of stream sniping is definitely not something that any regular person will brush off. Imagine getting harassed everyday for 10 months straight on their favorite video game? This story is about AsheBF and his struggle to stream amidst stream snipers.

Gamers within the Battlefield community are attempting to gain the attention of Dice an EA in an attempt to regulate the issue at hand. Battlefield is a gaming franchise that consistently delivers new entries and updates to their fans. The game Battlefield 2042 entered the market at the end of 2021 as a video game for both consoles and PC.

Even though the gorgeous graphics and immersive storyline left gamers astounded, many were discouraged by the introduction of specialist characters. Hardcore fans of the Battlefield series preferred the class-based archetype present to them in the earlier entries over 2042 as they felt it goes against the tradition present within the game. However, Dice made a fantastic effort to reverse the naysayer ideologies by providing the gaming community with a ton of impressive updates post launch.

The Ignorance Towards Stream Sniping

The issue at hand was brought into light through a twitter post by the host of Gamer Update. The tweet elaborates on how a Battlefield 2042 streamer by the name AsheBF is constantly being harassed by stream snipers over a period of 10 months! That’s almost a year! The talented streamer often gets entire lobbies filled with stream snipers as they attempt to hijack his content, preventing him from playing the game. There are numerous clips where the helicopter pilot AsheBF impressively avoids all the stream snipers for an extended period of time before being taken down by the horde of troublesome games.

The harassment that the streamer undergoes through stream sniping is heartbreaking as further digging showcased the darker side of the internet. A clip by AsheBF explains how he lost a close personal friend to suicide in 2022, and that the community has just treated him horribly over it. Some gamers have even changed their names to that of the deceased friend before harassing him in Battlefield.

The gaming community has taken to Twitter to express their negative sentiments towards the issue. However, with Dice taking harassment as well, it’s unclear whether a solution will be presented by the developer team for the issue. It’s important for gamers to understand that streamers are also human beings and harassing online personalities for a few seconds of fame within the community is never justified. We certainly hope that AsheBF will find his peace as all he wants to do is enjoy his game.

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