retro game lovers get an early christmas with gex games


If you belong to the older portion of video gamers out there, you should have a fond memory regarding the Gex Trilogy. We have good news, as the classic platformer is getting revived by Square Enix and Limited Run. According to our sources, the Gex games will not be directly ported as with other re-vamps. Instead they would be passed through a developer’s unique game porting technology. The result will be a game that’s better suited towards modern game systems. 

If you’re young or new to the world of gaming, you might have never heard of the Gex games. The Gex trilogy was a beloved platformer from the late 90’s. The 3D mascot took the form of a sassy gecko that did most of the hard work, running around and jumping past obstacles. There were three installments in the game, and all three are considered to be “must-play classics” by retro lovers.

Gex games

Square Enix filed a new trademark for Gex in 2021. But it seems like the process took a few years to gain momentum. The Gex Trilogy was initially developed by Crystal Dynamics, but it seems that the ports will be carried out by Limited Run. If you aren’t familiar with Crystal Dynamics, they are the developers behind the ever popular Tomb Raider games. Since Square Enix sold Crystal Dynamics over to the Embracer Group, they are hoping to partner up with newer developers to aid them on modernization.

Who Will Remaster The Gex Games?

The Process will be led by Square Enix with Limited Run pitching in on the porting. According to Square Enix, Limited Run will be using their revolutionary Carbon Engine to revamp the Gex games. This means that fans of the Gex Trilogy will be able to enjoy all three titles with minimal compatibility issues. River City Girls Zero and Shantae are two games that were ported using the Carbon Engine, and they perform extremely well on modern day game systems.

Classic games are dying out! We are extremely happy that mainstream publishers are shifting their attention to these beloved relics. Remastering these games should be a fruitful endeavor as they are sure to sit well with the older gamers in the gaming community. After learning about the Gex remaster, gamers have been requesting a Xenogears revamp. Square Enix is yet to comment on this request, but we have high hopes on the subject. 

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