Blizzard Revamps the PVP System in World of Warcraft


We expect a complete overhaul of the PVP system in World of Warcraft. This is the biggest change in the PVP system since the release of the game. We did see certain updates being brought into the game such as the Grand Marshal Title along with unique mounts. But none of them come close to the upcoming update in World of Warcraft.

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World of Warcraft was released in 2004 as an MMORPG for hardcore gamers. As with most other MMOs, PVE was the focal point of the game. Grinding through mobs and killing world bosses was the main attraction in World of Warcraft. Even though PVP wasn’t as popular as its PVE counterpart, PVP had its fair share of fans. 

The old PVP system in the Classic World of Warcraft was deemed to be overly grindy. Therefore players avoided it entirely as it fell into the shadows. However, the popularity of PVP in World of Warcraft grew with the introduction of the Dragonflight version. In addition to Dragonflight, a few different versions of the classic clients with favorable PVP systems strengthened the community.

What’s New in the Revamped PVP System?

Say goodbye to ranked points! The old ranked points system in the classic World of Warcraft will be removed through the upcoming changes. The revamp will introduce Contribution Points to the game which will replace the old Ranked Points system. Contribution Points will be calculated during the weekly server maintenance session, which will then be used to rate the player’s PVP standing within the game.

The old PVP system in World of Warcraft has a decay system that starts upon account inactivity. Similarly, Contribution points follow a similar mechanism with a slight catch. Every rank has a baseline that prevents further decay of contribution points. Therefore, the only way a player can get demoted to a lower rank is through dishonorable kills.

As announced earlier, honor milestones arrive in the upcoming rework. These milestones will require the players to attain a set number of honorable kills to rank up. Even though the concept of honorable and dishonorable kills have always been a part of the World of Warcraft ranking system, Blizzard is attempting to cut down the “grindyness” that follows with it. The revamped PVP system attempts to bring back the concept of Alliance VS Horde over faction rivalry.

In summary, the newly reworked PVP system will benefit casual players that don’t have copious amounts of time to kill in the game. Even though the revamped system has been implemented on the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm, we aren’t quite sure whether it’s final. Since there is a large number of players who have already climbed the ranked system, there is a high chance that the changes aren’t finalized to give them justice.

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