Multiple High Profile Streamer Acquisitions By Kick: Twitch’s Strongest Rival To Date


Kick has managed to sign two of the biggest streamers on Twitch onto their platform. The upcoming streaming platform now hosts some of the biggest influencers on the internet.


Kick started its operations in December 2022 after announcing their entry into the world of streaming. Since then, the underdog has risen in popularity, charging their way through viewerships, often out-peaking Twitch. Even though Kick was always slightly below Twitch in terms of influence, the platform is now slowly out-performing their rival.

Just a day before, Felix Lengyel, who is better known under his streaming alias XQC, signed the biggest streaming deal ever recorded. The popular Twitch streamer paired up with Kick over a 70-100 million dollar deal. XQC is one of the biggest Twitch personalities on the internet, and many consider him to be the most popular streamer on the platform. He recently became the most subscribed Twitch streamer in history, solidifying his position in the platform. Felix’s move into Kick is without a doubt the biggest loss for Twitch in recent years, but the hurt doesn’t end there!

To put into perspective, XQC’s 100 million dollar deal with Kick is bigger than Lebron James’ contract with the Lakers! The contract was done through the Evolved Talent agency which XQC belongs to. Ryan Morrison, the CEO of the agency had an interesting statement regarding the deal, “This deal sends a clarion call to thousands of creators worldwide – you now have a choice.” In other words, streamers now have a choice when it comes to a streaming platform.

Upon learning about XQC’s massive deal, Moistcr1tikal called out Twitch, referring to the streaming platform as an out-of-touch sinking ship. The displeasure surrounding Twitch is more imminent than ever. The platform continued to make one bad decision after another over the past few years while hemorrhaging users.

Just a few hours after XQC’s deal was made public by Kick, Amouranth was seen to be streaming the deal on her channel. She made a video where she jokingly states whether she can get a hundred million dollar deal as well, where she then packs up her stuff and heads off to Kick. This was in fact her announcement video to the public about her partnership with Kick. 

Amouranth Kick Streamer
Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa

That’s right! Amouranth is now onboard with Kick! She is widely regarded as the most popular female streamer on Twitch and her move into Kick is as big as it gets. With over 6.4 million followers on Twitch, Amouranth regularly makes headlines with her streams. Her years of experience in streaming is sure to be a valuable asset for Kick in improving their platform.

With their two top dogs out of Twitch’s reach, it’s interesting to see Twitch’s response over it. Either way, Twitch needs to roll back some of their past decisions and make amends for their actions before they sink even further down. With Kick boasting their impressive viewer counts, it’s high time that Twitch realized that they aren’t holding a strong monopoly over streaming anymore!

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