Massive Team Fortress 2 Update Shocks Ecstatic Community


Team Fortress 2 update has left the entire FPS community buzzing. It’s been 15 years since the game got its initial release and this update came as a hearty surprise for everyone. Valve did hint on the possibility of a Team Fortress 2 update, but they kept it secretive enough to be a surprise.

The announcement by Valve earlier this year promised the player base that there will be a new update incoming soon. The update was to be tailored to the likes of the community to give the players what they have been requesting over the years.

It’s been a few months, and the community update just dropped! The massive update was the biggest in years for Team Fortress 2. There are a ton of new maps, cosmetics , items developed by the community, new effects and taunts. According to our sources, the new update will also include new war paints for players to use in-game.

team fortress 2 update

In addition to the horde of new content that is streaming into the game with the new update, Valve has also hosted a new event for the players to enjoy. A summer event will be running on Team fortress 2 till the end of September. The main focus of the event is to highlight the new content that is arriving with the Team Fortress 2 update.

According to the players, the new Team Fortress 2 update also contains a hefty list of big fixes and tweaks to the game. But, the update doesn’t include a solution to the growing number of cheaters in the game. The player base has been consistently requesting an effective anti-cheat and Valve has yet to deliver it.

Cheaters Are Still Rampant After Team Fortress 2 Update

The number of cheaters are at an all time high. According to reddit and community polls tailored towards game veterans, there has never been this many cheaters in the history of the game. Players were highly positive about the announcement, hoping that the new update would fix the devious botting issues, but it seems that Valve has failed the community in this aspect.

What do you think about the new Team Fortress 2 update? Did the massive amount of content act as a buffer against the persistent cheaters? With the game finally receiving an update in years, and Reddit blowing up over it, chances are that Valve will listen to the player base. An anti-cheat might be on the way! And when it does, we will be the first to report it to you, so tune in next time.

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