A New Doom Game Is Rumoured To Be On Its Way!

new doom game
Picture: Bethesda

A new doom game could just be the thing to liven up our spirits this year! The genre-defining gaming franchise has gone cold ever since they released Doom way back in 2016. But, now they seem to be reviving the series with a brand new title. We have “concrete evidence” of a new Doom game that’s nearing the end of its development cycle, which changes our primary question from “will there be” to “when”.

Doom has always been the adrenaline-packed shooter where it’s you against the world. The demon-mowing rage-filled human had its fair share of ups and downs, but we can all agree that Doom has always had a soft spot in our hearts. The game had its first major spotlight in the 90s with the first games of the franchise and slowed down in hype over the years. It slowed down so much that Bethesda didn’t release another title after Doom 3 for years.  Doom fans weren’t fully onboard with the recent games as Bethesda considerably slowed down the pace of the game which was one of the more defining traits of the franchise. Non-stop action! 

Bethesda broke the hiatus with the release of Doom in 2016, along with Doom Eternal in 2020 which left fans crying in joy. Doom Eternal was hailed to be one of the best games in the series and everyone knew that Bethesda was definitely going to double down on the series once again. The question wasn’t whether or why, it was now down to when.

new doom game
Picture: Bethesda

Where Did We Learn About The New Doom Game?

If you are someone who actively follows gaming news, you might have heard about the ongoing battle between Microsoft and the FTC. The battle has been raging for well over a year and has been the source of many of the newer leaks within the community. The documents from the court cases keep leaking out and the leaks just keep coming! Just a month back we had the news about the new Nintendo console and now even Doom is getting dragged into the fray.

The documents from the court case show that there was a new Doom game prepped to be released in 2023. The game is titled Doom: Zero Year and it’s supposedly getting a DLC alongside its initial release. Bethesda also has plans to release more DLCs for the game in 2024, which is definitely not a one-time commitment by the developers.

new doom game
Picture: Microsoft Court Documents

However, since we haven’t had any official news about a new Doom game, it’s most likely that the game has been internally pushed back by the company. Assuming that they haven’t dropped the idea, we’re most likely to get its initial release in 2024! By looking at the title of the game, we can assume that Doom: Zero Year is a prequel to the chaos that is happening within the Doom world.

We believe the new Doom game will most likely be an Xbox Exclusive. There is a chance that the game will be released on the PS5, but we aren’t going to bank on that being a possibility.

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