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Unveiling the best games like GTA for fans of open world chaos, immersive storytelling and high stakes heists.

games like GTA

Fans worldwide love role-playing games like Path of Exile, Skyrim and more. These games provide an opportunity for players to step into the shoes of a character, roam the open worlds, and complete missions and quests.

The GTA series, especially GTA V, has an incredibly complex world. In fact, its size is unmatched by most games like GTA. So, for anyone waiting for GTA 6, we’ve researched and compiled a list of games like GTA that will keep you busy until its release.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart

Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter game with RPG elements. Similar to games like GTA, the game takes place on the grounds of a Soviet Union’s scientific research hub.

Atomic Heart features stunning graphics and a big open world like GTA for players to explore. There is slashing and shooting using improvised weapons. In addition, there are a wide variety of enemies to combat where some may be biomechanical while others are mechanical or airborne.

Saints Row

Saints Row

Saints Row is a series of action-adventure games that was first published in 2006. The latest release (2022) is a reboot of the franchise and takes place in the fictional city of Santo Lleso. Located in the American southwest, the city is rife with crime and lawless factions are trying to fight for control.

Similar to games like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row focuses on the open world where players complete missions to progress through the story. The game also features various side activities that players can complete. There is a lot of driving and shooting with a few role-playing elements that players of the genre will surely love.

Mafia III

Mafia III

Developed by Hangar 13, Mafia III was first released in 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is a sequel to Mafia II and the third title in the Mafia series. Set within New Bordeaux, a fictional city based on New Orleans, the gameplay follows Lincoln Clay, a former criminal and vet.

Like in Grand Theft Auto, the protagonist is forced to return to his past criminal activities to help his family settle problems with the Mafia. However, the Mafia murders his family, and he embarks on a quest for revenge while also building his criminal empire to rival the Mafia.

The game is set in the 1960s and perfectly captures the aesthetics of that era. Like GTA, it features an open world providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the sixth instalment in the Far Cry series and a successor to Far Cry 5. Set on Yara, a fictional island located in the Caribbean, players take the role of Dani Rojas, a guerilla fighter. The gameplay focuses on the player attempting to topple Anton Castillo, the dictator ruling Yara.

Similar to games like GTA, the game features lots of combat and exploration due to its open-world concept. Players will fight dangerous wildlife and enemy soldiers using weapons and a variety of gadgets. The game has some role-playing elements that include side quests and a levelling-up system. As such, fans of the genre will enjoy its richly detailed world, character development and storytelling.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Another open-world game that RPG fans will love is Watch Dogs. Similar to games like GTA, players get to complete missions and side quests to progress through the game story. Fans of GTA will surely love the stealth, shooting and driving elements in the game. Occasionally, players will encounter puzzles and role-playing elements.

Set in a metropolitan area, the game follows Aiden Pearce’s quest whose mission is to kill the killer who killed his niece. Using Aiden’s smartphone, players have control in and around the city. Whether you want to stop a train or trap your enemy in a car pileup, anything in the city can become your weapon.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Developed by Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption is an action-adventure game set in 1911 during the American frontier decline. The game follows John Martson, a former outlaw whose son and wife were taken by federal agents for ransom. Having no other choice, he sets on a journey to capture his former gang-friends to justice.

Players will play the game from a third perspective and can freely roam the open world on foot or horseback. There are a lot of gunfights and shootings. Just remember, the game features a morality system that affects your character’s levels of fame and honour.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs

In the world of role-playing games, quests and missions are the backbone of the narrative. When it comes to Sleeping Dogs, the game takes the formula of GTA to a new level. Set in the streets of Hong Kong, the game follows an undercover cop whose mission is to bring down the Triads.

The game has some similarities with GTA. One of the most notable similarities is the melee-centric combat system. Not only are the takedowns bloody, but the punches are heavy, and combat is enjoyable when compared to games like GTA.

Sleeping Dogs is a well-realized crime drama with several betrayals, and twists something that most games like GTA don’t have.

Games Like GTA to Play in 2023

The GTA series is a testament to the enduring appeal of open-world RPGs. From its humble beginnings as a 2D title to its evolution as a fantastic 3D open-world RPG, the GTA series truly stands out thanks to its commitment to player freedom.

Games like Grand Theft Auto also feature meticulously crafted open worlds, and a diverse range of quests and missions. As such, there is always something exciting to discover and explore. Whether you’re new to the GTA series or a veteran player, there is no better time than today to dive into games like GTA and see what adventures await!

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