Why Are Gamers Waiting for Forspoken Crack to Release?


Before the release of Forspoken on January 23, 2023, hundreds of thousands of players had serious expectations about this game. The game had a huge map; there would be puzzles, tracks, and bosses that we would fight with. When we look at today, that is, 3 months later, most players have started to search for Forspoken Crack.

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Well, you might ask why players don’t want to pay for Forspoken to play the game. Thankfully, we have prepared a great review in which we seek the answer to this question. Moreover, we would like to say that we played Forspoken up to the point where we could tolerate it. Now, if you’re ready, let’s get started and take a look at why players are looking for the Forspoken Torrent.

Forspoken Doesn’t Have Graphics That Reflect the Power of PS5 and PC

Yes! Forspoken’s graphics are in pretty bad shape. If you have watched the trailers for the game before its release, you may think excellent gameplay and great graphics await you. Especially considering that Square Enix made this game special for PS5, players were extra hyped. However, the result was completely mediocre. With the simplest example, the main city, where we first started the game, had a cold look and was designed very poorly. Likewise, the dungeons you discovered while walking around the open world were very similar and looked bad enough that anyone could design them in 5–10 minutes. In our opinion, the most important reason for waiting for Forspoken Crack is that it is terrible in terms of graphics.

Optimization Problems

Now we would like to touch on another problematic point: optimization problems. I don’t know what state the game is in right now. Maybe they fixed the optimization problems with updates. However, in the first two weeks of its debut, the game was unplayable. If you didn’t have a high-end video card, that is, a 3070 or higher, playing the game was a complete pain. If you have a lower-model video card than a 3070, you had to make the already bad graphics quality worse and play the game. Therefore, most players returned the game and started waiting for the Forspoken crack.

Soulless City and Artificial Intelligences

When you pass the robbery and court scenes and enter a different world, you have to stop by one of the main cities of the game. Naturally, everyone had high expectations from a game that needs 150GB of storage space. However, when you enter the city, you can see that everything is frozen. The people and soldiers in the city are standing still. Some people are talking to each other, but they don’t move at all. In short, you know instantly that there is no living environment in the game. And believe me, it affects your gaming experience incredibly severely.

Moreover, the fact that artificial intelligence is bad does not only affect NPCs living in the city. The AI of mobs and some bosses is also in such bad condition that sometimes it takes them seconds to see you.

Never-Ending cutscenes

When you first log into the game, a cutscene welcomes you. You move a little, and another cutscene begins. Maybe you’re waiting for it to end, but you’re faced with a cutscene and dialogue right away.

In addition, strange quests pop up everywhere you want to explore the open world of the game and prevent you from getting an immersive experience from the game. For example, you want to go out of the city and explore the open world, but a little girl appears in front of you, and you start to do a mission. After this mission, you start different side missions with a new person. It is impossible to see any details about the main story. Moreover, there are unnecessarily long cutscenes in the weird side missions that these players don’t even care about.

Square Enix said that the main story of the game will take more than 7 hours, but it seems like they may have filled 5 hours of it with cutscenes. After seeing all these cutscenes and unnecessary missions, I can now better understand why players are looking for the Forspoken Crack.

The video above is a collection of all the cutscenes. And all these cutscenes are over 5 hours long.


With its technical problems, inactive NPCs, and poor graphics quality that plagued players in its debut days, Forspoken was a complete disappointment. Those who were able to return the game did so, and now they are waiting for the Forspoken Torrent file. However, since Forspoken has full DENUVO protection, hackers are having trouble cracking the game.

In short, we do not think that there will be any change in the Forspoken Crack status for a long time. If you are curious about or interested in this game, we recommend that you wait for the new DLC called “In Tanta We Trust“, which will be released on May 26, 2023. They will probably solve all the problems in the game with this DLC and introduce new gameplay mechanics. Maybe you can think about giving the game another chance with the new DLC. Have fun playing, everyone 🙂

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