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Some areas in Ori and the Blind Forest can challenge you and you can get lost in the enchanted forest. Going on adventures with the adorable Ori can be as confusing as it is fun. Misty Woods is one of the areas where you don’t know what route to follow. So you may need the Ori Misty Woods walkthrough to guide you. In this way, you can quickly enter other areas in the game and do not waste time.

how to get to misty woods
how to get to misty woods

How to Complete the Misty Woods? 

Misty Woods may seem more challenging and complex to you because it has a more gloomy and dark atmosphere. In fact, when you follow the correct rotation, you can complete it in a short time. You do not have access to the map because the map is shrouded in mist. So you choose an alternative route and go back.

First, break the log on the left side and get the Spirit Light Container. Located further to the left, you will see that the Shrouded Lantern is unlit. What you have to do here is to bring light back to the Misty Woods.

Move to the left again and pass through the obstacles. You must jump over the log hanging from the tree to snatch another Spirit Light Container. Go down and go left again. You can use your Bash ability to avoid being hit while moving along the tree trunk.

To climb the chasm and float over to the left, jump on the bounce pad to the left and bash the projectiles.  After floating over the spikes, descend into the cave to find a Spirit Light Container. Continue left to get the first Keystone here. A little later there will be differences in the forest. After moving further to the right, float between the spikes to the bottom. Take the second Keystone by moving to the left. You can’t continue further here so take a right turn.

Keep going right until your path ends, and then take a left turn. Here the forest will change again and a new area will be unlocked. Jump over the spikes and float down. As you float down, you may stumble upon something hidden on the left

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Misty Woods Ori has a very complex structure and you can get lost here. So listen to us carefully. With the pink slimes, float down, move to the left, and jump up the walls. Continue climbing the wall, then turn right. You need to explore Misty Woods Ancestral Tree, where you will learn climbing ability. Float over the spikes and you’ll find what you’re looking for on the left.

ori and the blind forest misty woods
ori and the blind forest misty woods

Keep moving to the right. At this point you will notice that the forest has changed again. If there are sparks shining from the spikes, it means there is a plant to climb. Only jump in their direction while they aren’t visible since if you jump again, they will vanish.

Climb the plant you see and run to the right. After this point, you will see new plants to climb and you need to move in that direction. Now climb up the plants to the top of the spiked chasm. To reach the third Keystone, climb once more upon the plants within a different tunnel and move to the top right. Then jump down and the forest will change again. Head towards the area with the lasers and use the plants there.

In the following cavern, climb up the plants to create a ramp, then float down the spiked tunnel to the bottom. You can grab the Spirit Light Container in the center tree by slamming up against one of the lanterns before jumping across the lanterns to the top right to reach the last Keystone.

After grabbing your Keystone, take a left turn. To climb higher, use the creature’s projectile from the top. Turn to the right and cautiously climb the chasm of spikes. Continue uphill, turn to the right, and then plunge into the cavern. To pass the chasm and go over the spikes and use the bash on the fireballs.

You are now close to the end of Ori and the Blind Forest Misty Woods. Complete the boss fight after walking forward and open the door with the 4 Keystones you collected. Here you will find 

misty woods ori
misty woods ori

the light source that will illuminate the Shrouded Lantern you saw at the beginning of the game. 

Once you grab this light, you can’t take any action, so run to the right and don’t even look back.

Ori and the Blind Forest Misty Woods ends when you place the light and the next episode, “Return to the Valley” begins. Good luck now!

How to Get to Misty Woods?

It is mandatory to complete the “Valley of the Wind” walkthrough first in order to progress to Ori Misty Woods. You complete Valley of the Wind easier and faster than Ori Misty Woods. So you don’t need a detailed guide like Ori and the Blind Forest Misty Woods.

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Ori Misty Woods might be challenging for some. This is exactly why you might need our Ori Misty Woods guide. We have clearly prepared for you all the steps you need to go through. We hope our guide will be useful to you.

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