Magecap Valheim – The Ultimate Blue Mushroom Guide 2023


If you want to wield magic in Valhiem you need to know how to replenish your Eitr meter. This can be achieved by using Magecaps.

magecap valheim
Valheim Magecaps

Throughout this guide on Magecaps you will learn how to successfully grow these new mushrooms & there many new uses to help you on your journey in the Mistlands.

What Are Magecaps In Valheim?

The Magecap is a new glowing blue mushroom found throughout the Mistlands in Valheim. They are used to help to boost up your Eitr metre & are part of the magic system introduced in Valheim. Magecaps can be eaten directly for gains of 25 Health, 25 Stamina, and 25 Eitr or used for crafting meads like the Minor Eitr Mead, Seeker Aspic & the Uncooked Stuffed Mushroom & certain dishes.

Where Can You Find Magecaps?

You can find Magecaps throughout the Mistlands growing in various places. Like other plants, they can appear randomly typically growing in small bunches.

How Do You Grow Magecaps In Valheim?

Once you have some Magecaps, You will want to start replanting them. This can be done by finding some grass & cultivating the area because Magecaps can only be replanted in cultivated soil.

magecap valheim
Valheim Mistlands

When replanting your Magecaps there will be a on-screen message telling you about the required space between each one, if the message shows “needs more room to grow” then you need to replant it a little further away. Each Magecap needs roughly 1.5m of room to grow successfully. Once they have grown ( 2 in-game days) for each Magecap that was planted you should acquire 3 Magecaps back.

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Protecting Your Magecaps

With the Mistlands being a dangerous place for growing & replanting crops there will potentially be the powerful cockroach’s like Gjall’s & Seekers trying to destroy the harvest. The massive Gjall’s that can breath fire can be very dangerous to your crops as they can float about spawning tick minions occasionally.

magecap valheim
Mage Cap Valhiem

To give yoor crops the best chance to go you should try growing them at the edges of the Mistlands, preferably somewhere around the borders of the black forest or the plains.

Magecap Valheim Dishes & Meads

The ingredients required to create different recipes are shown below with the health, stamina & Eitr gains once these are consumed.

Seeker Aspic x 2

(Level 4 cauldron required)

Ingredients NeededHealthStaminaEitrDurationHealing
2 x Seeker Meat
2 x Magecap
2 x Royal Jelly

Uncooked Stuffed Mushroom x1

(Level 5 cauldron required)

Ingredients NeededHealthStaminaEitrDurationHealing
1 x Blood Clot
3 x Magecap
1 x Turnip

Minor Eitr Mead

Ingredients NeededEitr
10 x Honey
5 x Sap
5 x Magecap
2 x Jotun Puffs
125 over time

Key Takeaways

  • You will only find Mage caps in the Mistlands.
  • Magecaps will only grow inside the Mistlands.
  • They will only be attacked while growing.
  • Are the only food available that increases the player’s Eitr when consumed.


With plenty of farming & some careful planning, you should now be set to tackle the Mistlands, dishing out plenty of magical damage with your full Eitr bar through crafting & producing plenty of Magecap Valheim recipes.

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