Is Wizard101 Private Server Real? How to Log in? 2023


Imagine playing Wizard101 completely for free, with no crowns or memberships paid. That’s exactly what Wizard101 private servers are for. You can access all game worlds released on a Wizard101 private server and play the game no different from the original. And you don’t pay a penny because it’s F2P. But, so does such a thing really exist?

Wizard101 private server
Wizard101 private server

We have thoroughly investigated whether a Wizard101 private server, which has been talked about for years, is real and we have obtained a result. Then without wasting any more time, let us share what we found with you!

Is a Wizard101 Private Server Really Made?

Player base has been asking for a Wizard 101 private server for many years, both for free and for a more customizable game environment. Considering that the game is very old, this is not a difficult thing. However, as the files of the game are very large, the Wizard101 rewritten version is not active at the moment. Despite this, a Wizard101 private server with Wizard City and The Oasis is said to be out.

wizard101 servers
wizard101 servers

Unfortunately, there is no Wizard 101 private server containing the entire game. These servers are not run by KingsIsle Entertainment. Considering that KingsIsle Entertainment will not allow this and will close these Wizard101 servers, it is very normal that there is no open private server. But there are still a few organizations that argue that they are running a Wizard 101 private server. Currently, there is no free Wizard 101 private server where you can play the entire game.

Is Wizard101 Private Servers On the Way?

As you know, Wizard101 is a very old game and there is no demand anymore like it used to be. However, there is a committed player base that still loves the game and continues to play it. These people who are devoted to Wizard101 want to lick the game into shape to their taste. They aim to do this in order not to pay for membership every month and because they are bored with the content. And they are totally right!

wizard 101 private server
wizard 101 private server

According to our research, Wizard 101 private server works are currently ongoing and there is no definite information on when it will be completed. If this happens, we definitely think that many Wizard101 players will return to the game and have a brand new gaming experience. We don’t know when this will happen but as Wizard101 lovers we are on the lookout!

If you want to try different games while waiting for Wizard101 rewritten or a Wizard 101 private server to come out, we have included many games that will satisfy your game hunger in our games like Wizard101 article!

Best Discord Servers for Wizard101 News

Looking to restart Wizard101 or learn more about Wizard101 private servers? Then we welcome you to Discord servers full of other Wizards. Here you can participate in various events, follow the news, socialize and learn about Wizard101 servers. Even if you are not looking for Wizard101 private servers, we think you will definitely have a good time on these Discord channels.

Server NameDiscord Invite Link
Wizard101 Official Discord ServerJoin Now!
Aquilan PalaceJoin Now!
Wizard101 MegaJoin Now!
Wizard101 FriendsJoin Now!
/r/Wizard101Join Now!
PolarisJoin Now!
The 7 Wonders of The SpiralJoin Now!
Gamma’s Trading PostJoin Now!
Final BastionJoin Now!
Bartleby’s Bizarre BazaarJoin Now!
wizard101 servers
wizard101 servers

The number of people playing Wizard101 has decreased a lot in 2023. That’s why it has become very important to find people who are still not bored and love to play. After people finish the game, they create a new character with a school they haven’t played and experience the game completely. Doesn’t it sound great? 

When you join these Discord channels, you will meet many old school Wizard101 players like you. You can even find someone to grind the game with you. Then what are you waiting for, isn’t it time to remember the past? We would let you know if there is a way to make Wizard101 servers private, if private servers are active and about the most popular Wizard101 Discord servers.


In this article, we talked about the lovely wizardry game Wizard101, which is a memory from the past. As a result, we have come to the conclusion that there is no Wizard 101 private server that you can play at the moment.

But the future is uncertain and at any moment free-to-play Wizard101 servers hosting anything you want may be exposed. For this, do not forget to follow us and the Discord channels we mentioned to you. We will take care to convey the most up-to-date news about this to you. Then take care of yourself, wizards, and don’t forget to have fun!

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