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EU4 Cyprus

The Kingdom of Jerusalem, one of the most magnificent states in history and known as the Christian dream, became history in 1291. Did you know that you can re-establish Jerusalem with the state of EU4 Cyprus? Although we started the game at a time when Europe started to lose power, it is not impossible to reach this goal.

Cyprus is stuck in the very corner of the Mediterranean, between the Ottomans and the Mamluks. We will rely on diplomacy and engage in bloody battles with enemies to survive in a highly challenging geography. At the end of the day, we will realize the dream of a kingdom of heaven together.

EU4 Cyprus – Country Management Settings

As soon as you start the game, you will see that the Mamluk country is the guarantor of Cyprus. This actually reveals our purpose in the game from the very beginning. Before that, you need to check out the estates. You can follow the information down below for this:

  • Clergy – Monopoly of Vine, Religious Diplomats, and Religious Culture
  • Nobility – Primacy of the Nobility and Nobility in Officer Corps
  • Bourgeoisie – Land of Commerce, Patronage of the Arts, Indebted to the Bourgeoisie and Free Enterprise

After making these settings, the amount of Crownland will decrease considerably. To balance, complete missions with the “Summon the Diet” feature, then seize the estates’ lands with the “Seize Land” button. Do all this continuously until your estates’ loyalty value reaches 60 and your Crownland value rises.


There are three important missions you have to do from the first moment you start playing as EU4 Cyprus. These missions will help you a lot in establishing the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the future.

  1. Crusader Fleet – Your first mission is to increase your navy to 100% and have an admiral. In this way, thanks to the +25% “Galley Combat Ability” you will receive from the mission, you will gain a small advantage in naval battles.
  2. Sway the Pope – The second mission is to increase your relations with The Papal State to +150. However, you will have rights to many islands in the Aegean, including Athens and Crete.
  3. Maritime Allies – The third and most important mission is to take the city of Malta from Aragorn’s hand by improving your relations. For this, you will again need to increase your diplomatic relationship to +150.
EU4 Cyprus Missions

After successfully completing the missions, we can now move on to diplomatic strategies for the ultimate goal.


While planning to write the EU4 Cyprus guide, we thought a lot about whether there is a way to establish the Kingdom of Jerusalem by doing little diplomacy. However, we realized that it was almost impossible to achieve this by fighting alone. Because the diplomatic situation in Cyprus is not very encouraging. So let’s briefly summarize this situation and see what we can do.

  • The first move is to always keep your relations with the Ottoman state positive. Your diplomats should develop relations with the Ottoman Empire as much as possible.
  • The second important diplomatic move should be to improve your relations with Venice. After completing the three missions mentioned above, it would be wise to quickly focus on both Venice and the Ottoman Empire.
  • While continuing all these moves, it is necessary to wait for the king to turn 45, which is very important. Because after that date, you will force the king to abdicate, and you will start that important event where you will become a vassal of the Mamluks.
  • After the king of Cyprus has fallen, you will encounter a three-choice event where you will become a vassal of the Mamluks. In this event, as you can see in the picture, you need to select the “Install Jaques as Rightful King!” option.
Jaques as Rightful King
  • After starting the event, Queen Charlotte’s half-brother will replace her and you will become the vassal of the Mamluks.

Yes, being the vassal of the Mamluks may seem like we have deviated from the original purpose. However, don’t worry because we have a plan.

Ultimate Purpose

Although Cyprus was free at the beginning of the game, it was cornered because it was under the pressure of the Mamluk country. Since there are Ottoman and other small principalities in Anatolia, you cannot intervene militarily. In short, you couldn’t stand against great states like the Ottomans and Mamluks by fighting as Cyprus anyway. Now there are two very, very important moves that you will make as the vassal of the Mamluks.

  • The simplest of moves will be to draw the Ottomans to your side diplomatically. Because now you are the vassal of the Mamluks, and you need to be free. So ask the Ottomans to support your independence.
  • The second move will be our demand from Venice, with which you have good relations, to support your independence in the same way.

Of course, these two states will not immediately support your independence. Both the Ottomans and Venice will have a hostile attitude towards you, especially since you have agreed to be a vassal of the Mamluks.

Now try to get the approval of these two states to support our independence in the years to come. For example, start bad relations with the states with which the Ottomans are on bad terms. At the same time, grow your army and navy.

To see the diplomatic moves you need, you can easily see it on the “Ask to Support Independence” page of that country.

EU4 Cyprus Independence


When you convince both countries to support independence after years of diplomatic moves, everything will be ready. You will start the War of Independence, which you can see in the image below. Moreover, you do not need to move a finger in this war because the Ottoman and Venice will do everything for you.

EU4 Kingdom of Jerusalem

If you manage to capture the cities you want when the war is completely over, you must visit the “Decisions” page and confirm the following decision.

EU4 Decisions

After approving these decisions, you will finally have established the Greater Kingdom of Jerusalem with our EU4 Cyprus guide. From now on, you can organize new crusades and start new wars for the holy land.

EU4 Jerusalem Achievements
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