Dwarf Fortress Millstone – Industrialize Your Colony With Energy

Dwarf fortress millstone

Starting to generate energy in Dwarf Fortress is vital to the civilization of your colony. Once you start producing energy, albeit mechanical, you will gain access to many new professions and items. Simply put, it also means moving into the industrial age. Dwarf Fortress Millstone, which we will talk about today, is a tool that allows you to produce items such as dye, sugar, flour, and paste in the game.

If you have a dwarf with Mechanical and Milling skills, Millstone is very useful in the game, especially regarding food. Well, if you are wondering exactly how Millstone is made and how it is energized, we will answer all these questions in our guide.

How to Build Dwarf Fortress Millstone?

Before starting to build a Millstone, you will need specific equipment. To produce mechanical energy, you will need to craft a Windmill, one of the most straightforward power sources in the game. Now let’s take a look at what you need step by step.

  • The first thing to do to build a windmill is to cut trees. 4 logs will be enough for a Windmill. When the logs are ready, you need to press the “B” key and enter the “Machines/fluid” section. Here you will find that there are various power sources.
  • Now you have to click on the “Windmill” at the bottom and choose the place you want to build. When the building is completed successfully, you will now have a source that produces 40 power.
Dwarf Fortress Millstone
  • You can craft a Dwarf Fortress Millstone at the Stoneworker’s Workshop by clicking the “Make Rock Millstone” button.
  • After doing all this, you will need a “Rock Mechanism” to be able to build a Millstone. For this, you have to build a “Mechanic” workshop from the Workshop menu. When the Mechanic workshop is completed, you can craft the “Rock Mechanism”.
Dwarf Fortress Millstone
  • Now that you have produced all the equipment you need, you can now place the Millstone right next to the Windmill. For this, you need to press “B” again and select Millstone from the machines section and position it a few tiles away from Windmill. You can see this more clearly in the image down below.
Dwarf Fortress Millstone
  • After you have placed the Millstone, you now need to establish the power connection between it and the Windmill. Press “B” and “M” keys, select “Horizontal axle” from the machines menu and connect from the right part of the Windmill to the left part of the Millstone.
Dwarf Fortress Millstone

That’s it! Millstone’s wheels began to turn. Now you can start producing the item you want. By the way, you will need a simple bag for what you produce from Millstone. If you don’t have any bags, you can easily produce them from the Leather Workshop.

More Details about Millstone

Although we talked about the details like how to build the Dwarf Fortress Millstone in a simple way, there are still important things. In particular, we will talk about some critical points for your dwarves to use Millstone more efficiently.

First, if you want to grind certain herbs, your dwarves will use all the herbs available. Therefore, they will also use the special herbs you will need for dyeing in vain. To prevent this, you need to define special stock areas that Millstone will use by clicking the “Q” and “G” keys.

Another important factor is that a third area should be selected for stocking the milled goods. If you don’t do this, the game will throw the error “needs millable unrotten plants”.

Dwarf Fortress Millstone

We just talked about the stocking of goods that the Millstone grinds. You will now need a furniture stock with a bag for the plants that will be taken to be milled. Disable items such as wood, stone, and metal inside the bags to avoid confusion with other coffers in the stock area. In short, the plants that need to be sent to Millstone must have the correct stockpile.

If you have made all these adjustments, Dwarf Fortress Millstone will run smoothly and without errors. Moreover, if you have a dwarf with a Milling skill, then you can get 100% efficiency from Millstone. Hopefully, our guide has been helpful enough on Millstone, which is considered the beginning of industrialization.

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