Latest Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date Predictions

grand theft auto 6
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Take-Two is the parent company that owns both Rockstar Games and 2k, the developers behind Grand Theft Auto 6, who are both prominent gaming industry publishers. The earnings report of Take-Two was released recently and allowed us to pitch an estimate of when the new GTA 6 title is to be released. The recent earnings report included the CEO’s statement which defended the pricing of the newly released Red Dead Redemption Switch port.

So what’s our estimate for Grand Theft Auto 6?

We estimate that the new Grand Theft Auto 6 title will be released within the fiscal year of 2025. The 2025 fiscal year for Take-Two end ends in March and we based our estimate on the following assumptions.

There have numerous Insider reports that suggested us the initial release window for the game. We solidified our claims by analyzing the financial forecasts of Take-Two, which repeatedly hinted at a massive boost in revenue “in the near future”. So, unless they have another trump card up their sleeve, we can safely assume that the revenue boost is through Grand Theft Auto 6.

A brief overview of the August Financial Report’s Significance 

grand theft auto 6
(Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Financial report released on the 8th of August supports our estimated release window for Grand Theft Auto 6. We can quote the CEO, Strauss Zelnick, who claimed through a conference call that Take-Two is ready for a “significant inflection point in the 2025 fiscal year” along with “record levels of operating performance”. The CEO’s statement further solidifies our estimate.

However, this isn’t the first time that an estimate has been put out for Grand Theft Auto 6. Analysts initially labeled 2024 as the year in which GTA 6 will get its initial release using the financial forecasts from 2022.

Even though Rockstar games are famous for their extended marketing campaigns that span months on end. We highly expect Grand Theft Auto 6 to hit the markets at the end of 2024 if it is to be relevant in the 2025 fiscal year. It’s important to note that this release timeframe is similar to the previous Rockstar Games releases, which were held in October. There is also an Insider leak, which states Rockstar Games are targeting the holiday season for the release of GTA 6.

We are excited, the investors are excited and the entire industry is buzzing with excitement over the upcoming game. The hype that follows GTA 6 is unmatched! If you are interested in the developments of GTA 6, make sure to follow our updates as we keep a close eye on the game!

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